[LRFC] Incentives for next epoch

Simple Summary

Deciding new emissions rate transitioning Lyra Finance Lp incentives to Lyra after the end of the epoch and Arbitrum incentives.


Lyra Finance has successfully implemented LP incentives, including ARB incentives, to drive liquidity provision on the most recent Lyra version, Newport. As Arbitrum token incentives come to an end, we will need to continue to incentivize LPs using Lyra.


As the DAO has emitted most of the tokens that it was supplied during the Arbitrum token drop, liquidity incentives will have to be moved to Lyra on Arbitrum. The Optimism deploy will continue to emit incentives in OP tokens.



Pool Amount per Epoch(OP)
ETH 13.3 K
BTC 1.9k
OP 1.9k
ARB 1.9k


Pool Amount Per Epoch(Lyra)
ETH 433k
BTC 333k

Trading Rewards

Optimism: 7.5K OP

Arbitrum: 66.6k Lyra


The transition plan for LP incentives post ARB incentives completion demonstrates Lyra Finance’s commitment to sustainable growth and long-term success. By carefully managing the transition and adjusting token emissions, the project can maintain a healthy token distribution, prevent excessive token inflation, and foster a resilient ecosystem for liquidity providers. This approach ensures the project’s continued ability to incentivize and reward participants.